Projects - under construction

Here are some of the projects that I've worked on (or working on) in teams and individual capacity. Most are manifestations of ideas I had during conversations or when I'm talking a long walk. This is my space for putting ideas - visualised.
01. Analytics cockpit
On-the-go analysis cockpit for sales representatives
02. Incredible scanner
Simple document scanner and organiser. Beautifully made.
03. Land analytics
Visualise properties of a land - in HUD
04. Incredible concepts
Complex product design concepts - explained
05. Research objects
Hardware/ software to make user research simple
06. Incredible instrument cluster
Car's instrument cluster - reimagined
07. Week planner
Simple, desk planners that are actually useful
08. Huddle
Collaboration in analytics made useful
09. Incredible knowledge
All in one app to capture, curate, and produce knowledge
10. Software reviews
That don't suck
11. Design questions
That actually give you value
12. Incredible box
Convert your TV into a knowledge box
13. Print
Beautiful & unique graphic generator for Twitter, Instagram
14. Wall grid
Design your home walls - with AR
15. Incredible data
Analytics & BI for everyone
16. Free
Manage your income, expenses, investments, and retirement
17. Widgets
Useful life widgets, right on your homescreen
18. Indie
Tools and resources for the new-age, indie digital creators
19. Cockpit
All your important KPIs and insights - on the go
20. Play
An OS for data analytics and intelligence
21. 377870UX
Mech inspired playing cards