Feb 25, 2020

Don't pay the asshole tax

I will admit - I’ve worked for asshole managers in the past. People who’d not leave any opportunity to put you down to feed their egos. People who’d not be helpful on how to fix a problem but instead, publicly announce a failure and not a good job that you’d have done.

You may think that it’s okay for someone to be an asshole given they’re running a business, or maybe they have the Steve Jobs syndrome. But it’s genuinely not okay. The amount of bad-shit you get exposed to in your work environment affects you at a personal level. It did in my case.

Over the years in my professional career, I have realized that allowing someone like this to even remotely influence your mental state, the behavior is not acceptable and IS NOT WORTH IT.

You don’t have to pay the asshole tax. Move on to a better place of work. You deserve it.