godgeez doesn't mean anything. It’s a gaming alias I created in 2003 and never changed.

Amit Das

Launching Urban Company RO water purifier
Launching Urban Company RO water purifier
Launching Urban Company RO water purifier

I'm a designer, blogger & a hobby artist. I work at Urban Company as SVP of Design, Content & Research. I was heading design and product analytics at Cuddle.ai (now, Crux Intelligence) and worked at Fab.com, FusionCharts. I also founded a couple start-ups in the past — Kria Interactive (2011) & Intelligent Interfaces (2016). This website is a repository of my thoughts on product design, team building, frameworks & life.


After finishing engineering, I didn't find typical IT jobs appealing. Instead, I pursued building beautiful and interactive websites. I started as a PHP developer and eventually became the creative head at zozolo.com. After six months, I left and co-founded Kria Interactive, a design agency that worked with big brands like Gulf Oil and Subway.

However, I soon realised that I wanted to be iterative instead of just creating one-off websites. My exposure to the role of UX Designer on LinkedIn led me to Fab.com, a digital product company that taught me a lot about collaboration and culture. From there, I accidentally discovered my love for data visualization during a meeting with the founder of FusionCharts. I worked there for a year before moving on to other companies like Housing, Cuddle.ai/Crux Intelligence, and Urban Company.

Throughout my career, I've learned from some of the most innovative people in the industry and have shared my experiences on this website and blog. I've made mistakes and worn many hats, but each experience has helped me grow and develop as a professional.


I've loved drawing since childhood and still enjoy it by painting abstracts on canvas boards and bottles. Recently, a friend's farmhouse reignited my love for nature, and now I have a lovely home garden. Besides, I play drums and share my artistic attempts on Instagram. I plan on learning a string instrument soon.

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