Hi, I'm Amit Das

I use this site to share es­says & courses about product design, analytics & BI, team management, and frameworks. It's my ex­cuse for prac­tic­ing the craft of writ­ing and creating.

Career 💻

I started my career over 10 years ago as a PHP developer. Since then, I’ve been a full-stack developer to a designer, to a founder, to building and leading design teams at ambitious startups -- Fab.com, FusionCharts, Housing.com, UrbanCompany, and Cuddle.ai. Currently, I work at Urban Company as their VP of Design & Research.

Interviews 🎙

Hobbies 🥁

Growing up, I loved to draw. Fortunately, I continue channeling my weekend energy into painting abstracts on canvas boards and bottles to decorate my house. A recent trip to a friend’s farmhouse in Kodaikanal made me fall in love with nature all over again. As a result, I have a decent home garden with some herbs and lots of flowers. I also play drums and want to pick up a string instrument soon.

Say hello 👋

You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.