I'm Amit Das

I'm a designer, writer, micro-apps/ SaaS tinkerer, home-scoped artist. I currently work at Urban Company as VP of Design & Research. Before this, I was heading design and product analytics at Cuddle.ai. I also worked at Fab.com, FusionCharts. I also founded a couple start-ups in the past — Kria Interactive (2011) and Intelligent Interfaces (2016).

I use this site to share thoughts on design team building for early-stage start-ups and product design frameworks for analytics & BI products. It's my excuse for practicing the craft of writing and contributing.

After pursuing engineering, I didn’t find joining the typical IT company inspiring. During college, I built a lot of system software, a few small websites for pocket money. After college, I just wanted to continue building beautiful, interactive websites. I was heavily fascinated by Flash, Action Script, and the phenomenal websites featured on The FWA award site. I then started my professional career as a PHP developer at zozolo.com (aka Raa Studios in 2010). I worked with clients directly from requirements to final development. Luckily, my constant probing on making things look good and behave good got me a promotion - I was made the creative head.

Six months later, I quit my job and started Kria Interactive with a few friends. At Kria Interactive - a design agency, we worked with clients like Mad Over Donuts, Gulf oil, and Subway. However, after two years of running the agency, I was sure that I wanted to be iterative rather than just publishing one website or application after the other.

Later in 2012, I encountered my first exposure to the role of "UX Designer" on LinkedIn. The company that posted it later became my employer. It was my first time working at a digital product company. I credit a lot of my career to my experiences at Fab.com - culture, ways of working, collaboration, and people. Fab.com went on to become one of the trendsetters for e-commerce platforms; additionally, bagging a lot of design awards and Apple recognition.

In 2014, I accidentally stumbled upon my, now, one-true-love -- Data Visualization. One meeting with Pallav, Founder and ex-CEO of FusionCharts, somehow managed to give me a sneak peek of the future of analytics & BI and how data visualization, along with other factors, were the core building blocks. I worked at FusionCharts for one year and before moving on to Housing. Luckily, I never left my love for this space behind. This love influenced the joining of the Data Science Labs team at Housing initially, followed by Intelligent Interfaces, and then Cuddle.ai.

Since 2015, I have been lucky enough to be part of some visionary companies - Housing (real estate), Cuddle.ai (analytics & BI), and Urban Company (services) to build teams, create lovable products, and learn from some of the most innovative people in the industry.

Over the years, I've worn many hats, made plenty of mistakes, instilled the learnings in my work. I use this website and blog to share those experiences with all of you.

Growing up, I loved to draw. Fortunately, I continue channeling my weekend energy into painting abstracts on canvas boards and bottles to decorate my house. A recent trip to a friend’s farmhouse in Kodaikanal made me fall in love with nature all over again. As a result, I have a decent home garden with some herbs and lots of flowers. I also play drums and want to pick up a string instrument soon. I occasionally post these on Instagram.
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