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Coaching team members

Coaching team members


I started working out in 2018. As part of my weekly routine, I'd have to climb stairs for 24 floors, three times — twice per week. I would do the first one with ease, the second with the remaining mental motivation, but for the third I just couldn't. That's when I'd play this video and feel motivated enough to finish the third round of climbing stairs.

Anyway, coming back to the post.

Over the years, people managers in my team would take pride in their "coaching" ability. However, their coachee won't show significant improvements. In most cases, no improvements at all. The problem? They would consider the day-to-day, project level reviews & feedback as coaching. Second, all feedback were verbal, non-documented; naturally, they're not replicable.

We changed two things.

1. Clearly outlined, 8-weeks onoarding plan

Every team lead needs to create a detailed plan for a new joiner. The specific tasks are supposed to help them get accustomed with the team, work on projects that would go live within 8-weeks, and also help them build cadence within and outside the design team. The onus of success (or failure) lies on both the new member as well as the lead.

2. Periodic, coaching program

Earlier this year, we created a simple coaching program. It goes like the following:

Eligibility for applicant

  • Get yourself rated (self + oversight) every month on a scale of 5 stars

  • Consecutive 3 months rating should be 4 star/ month

  • During the coaching tenure, show up consistently. You miss, you're out immediately

Eligibility for the coach

  • Mandatory recorded coaching plan (document, videos, etc.)

  • Decide a sharp theme (1-liners in content design vs. content writing)

  • Show up consistently

It is simple but difficult to execute; to an extent that only 1 coaching-activity happened in 2023. This program ensures that the member is actually coachable and the coach is prepared. This program also ensures that the bar is set high and we don't use the word coaching loosely.

Take responsibility for your learning; no class, course, or mentor can make you a master. — Unknown

© Copyright 2023, I guess.

© Copyright 2024, I guess.