Mar 2, 2020


Make yourself dispensable

Train the team to be able to make decisions and stay unblocked on you for most of the things you’d do on a day-to-day basis.

👉 Teach your team how to critique designs.
✅ They’ll not need you for periodic reviews and can move ahead faster.

👉 Train them to understand decision frameworks and how to use them to make decisions.
✅ They’ll not be dependent on you to take most calls.

👉Teach them to ask the right questions.
✅ They’ll not miss most business cases moving forward. They’ll also become comfortable contesting other senior stakeholders.

👉 Teach them how to take interviews and test candidates.
✅ They can help you filter applicants and help you with most interview rounds.

With 100s of such practices, you’re not only creating an efficient, competent team… you’re also creating leaders of the future.

Making yourself dispensable will allow you to pass almost everything that you’ve learned. And, you’ll make room to keep learning more.

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