Feb 21, 2020


Focus on knowledge, not information

It was a collective of in-depth information that had to be compiled to kick-start the project. This information was collected from numerous articles, websites, books, and such. But 'knowledge' is what was needed to actually give this information form. Without this, the project would fail. Knowledge would be bridging the gap to make it nuggets of best practices to what will be required to make the changes within the app.

How to translate this information to actionable messaging structures that are relevant to our product?
How to design a framework that puts critical information as primary (heading/ title) followed by secondary (but required) information (subtext/ para) followed by optional next steps or acknowledgment (call to action(s)).

This requires knowledge: experience (acquired or to be acquired) + analysis. These help you distill 'information' to actions or next steps.

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