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Ultrahuman ring is amazing, app is not

Ultrahuman ring is amazing, app is not


The ring

  • Comfortable to wear

  • Looks good

  • No irritation and super-light

  • No scratches in 6 weeks of usage

  • Like the charger design as well, easy to fit it correctly

  • It was marketed on the website for 6 days battery life; with regular workouts it runs for 3 days

  • Need to charge it every 3 days; not a bummer but different from what was shown loudly on the website

  • I wish it had a tracker if I misplaced it somewhere

The app

  • It’s too complicated to use for the first few times

  • The cards on the home screen are not predictable; some widgets come and go depending on when I open the app during the day

  • I missed the top navigation to go to previous days completely for the first few days Screen 3 above

  • Everything is extremely text heavy and feels like a lot of work to understand something

  • Don’t understand the difference between index and score (movement index, sleep index vs recovery score)

  • Don’t understand if a number is good or bad

  • Screen 2 above Thought Movement index is the UH's equivalent of Apple health rings but it's again a list of some numbers -- most understandable is Steps because it's against a goal I had set.

  • Screen 3 above Not sure where will find the weekly report if I dismiss it now.

  • I’d ideally want to see how am I doing daily against all metrics (how much am I moving, staying active, steps, sleep etc.) but the Screen 2 below doesn't give me an option to toggle between days or a summarised view.

  • I don’t feel like sharing the screen above on social media because it feels like a text field with black background

  • So much text — it’s noisy to even clearly look at what’s important

  • My solution — I give it to my trainer to figure out what’s good or bad; his answer, “leave all this, let’s workout”

  • Cardiovascular fitness — 42. Is it good bad? I have to Google.

  • There is an input form between the stack of display cards as well — how are you feeling right now? I have spotted this probably 1-2 times in 6 weeks during scroll, when I’m trying to find some other card. I thought it's a progress bar score it's showing only to realise it's asking me for input. I didn't interact with it thinking it'll take me to another page which I didn't want.

  • Heart Rate — not sure what time’s value is shown. Still couldn’t figure out if it’s real time or lagged. Still don’t know how can I read my current heart-rate with the press of a button.

  • Same for skin temperature.

  • Smart goals — tried understanding it, gave up. Now, I don’t bother. I thought it could be the nice streak thing like Apple rings but I couldn’t use it.

  • Timeline — Not sure what should I be looking for here. I challenged all my friends to start a workout — all techies and actively workout. None of them could. Who would have thought adding a workout is hidden behind the + button. More on this in next section.

  • Total macros — don’t use it; don’t want to use it. I wish I could remove it from the home screen.

  • Activity is confusing, I pressed on Activity as I wanted to log a walking session from earlier — on the same day I received the ring. Turned out it’s just a dumb form.

  • Some of my workouts last for 1.5 hours. Not sure why does it take manual start but auto-stop after 60minutes. Either start automatically and stop automatically or keep all manual!

  • Blood vision was interesting and my yearly health check-up was due so thought of going with it. 15K spent.

  • I’m not sure what am I supposed to do next. Doctors typically want a report presented in a certain way. This was not that format — I then went to orange health to see if they’d have the report. They did thankfully and I forwarded that to my dad to consult with the GP.

  • They should have an option to have a PDF report from the app itself.

  • Blood vision is also a weird place to find the rings on top; not sure how do they connect the blood report with my movement — this entire thing is very confusing.

  • I referred this ring to a few folks; once you do the referral through the app, there's no visibility on what's next. Frustrating!

  • I found their roadmap and couldn't find an app-redesign item so that was a bit disheartening. I hope they change the app (dramatically) soon!


  • I hate using the app but have no choice

  • Thankfully Apple health reads it and so does some of the simpler but beautiful apps like Any Distance Club, Gyroscope

  • So, I prefer sharing screenshots from those apps on my Instagram

  • I still have to figure if Apple reads everything from this app then I’ll move to using Apple health completely or any other app completely while keeping the ring

© Copyright 2023, I guess.

© Copyright 2023, I guess.